Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Boilers

Designed with the latest quad-processor technology and energey efficiency in mind, Vaillant boilers have become a household name in the UK. Vaillant is a leading boiler manufacturer and installer with an astonishing clientele. Vaillant has set the highest standards in manufacturing all types of heating equipment to create products that have revolutionized the industry. Vaillant is aimed towards satisfying their customers by providing healthy, energy saving, and highly efficient products and services as part of solution to heating problems.

Vaillant has every heating system solution available with a choice of options to run on any type of energy resource. Vaillant boilers are designed to be compatible to LPG, natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy. Vaillant offers excellent after sales service with a team of highly qualified Gas Safe registered professionals available to deal with any aspect of home heating. Their intelligent service is a unique feature, which segregates them from all other providers. With this service, you can control your central heating system across the internet. Now, you can remotely control Vaillant boilers easily and efficiently.

Vaillant boilers are available in many different models, picking one according to your needs. Each one of them is built to offer reliability, efficiency, quality, and high energy efficient performance. These factors combine to make their product number one in the heating industry. The range of Vaillant ecoTEC boilers are designed with SEDBUK technology to be guaranteed to give 90% efficient performance. In the process, this level of efficiency will save a good amount on fuel bills. The ecoTEC range of Vaillant boilers includes system boilers and combi boilers (combination boilers). Exclusive combination boilers are designed to have a low-energy pump with a high-efficiency performance. The state of the art technology has made this Vaillant boiler a versatile one by providing a full range of control along with easy installation methods. The clear and easy to use backlit text display makes the Vaillant combi boilers unique in all respects.

The ecoTEC PRO 28 combination boiler has made a prominent mark in the heating industry with all its extraordinary features. Having SEDBUK fuel efficiency, it is economical to run, and it is a versatile boiler. It is compact and can be easily installed. The low NOx burner and fan makes this model highly energy efficient and eco-friendly. Among all Vaillant boilers, the ecoTEC PRO 28 has a built-in display showing its diagnostic information. Programming is simply operated using a push button, and the unit is protected from frost by a two-stage frost protection process.

The Vaillant boilers include the ecoTEC plus system boilers. These are unparallel in their versatility and flexibility in where they can be installed. This model is the most compact of all boilers manufactured by Vaillant. It has all the features that make it a unique boiler, which stands out in the market. The push button control and flexibility has made these plus system Vaillant boilers favorites among house owners.

Among other Vaillant boilers, there are open vent ones and the ecoTEC plus storage combination. Both models have earned good reviews, and are the highest efficient boilers made by Vaillant. If you want peace of mind, opt for Vaillant boilers, and enjoy the advantages they offer.

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