Central Heating Problems

Solve Your Central Heating Problems

Now that you have installed your central heating system and enjoying your bath, you must be satisfied with the performance of the highly efficient boiler. But you may any time face unprecedented central heating problems. This may include boiler repairs and replacement of components, or even lead to a new installation of a combination boiler that are the most common in UK homes.

The most common central heating problems arise when the radiator is not hot. There are various reasons for the radiator not being hot. One of the reasons is the pilot light being unlit. This is visible through a glass window of the boiler. If this is the case, you can check out the instructions provided on the boiler for rekindling the pilot light. Other central heating problems include a problem in a single radiator, which can be rectified by bleeding the radiator to remove an air trap. The boiler may stop making the usual noise when working, and if this is so, then check the electric supply. Central heating problems can be noticeable when the upstairs radiators are hot but not the downstairs ones. Malfunctioning of the pump may be the reason for it. You may adjust the zone control, if you have one. Sometimes you may find one radiator heating up extensively while the other is kept off. Clogging in the pipes may be the cause. These problems are instantly solved, if you have the boiler breakdown cover.

The most common central heating problems are caused by the timer clocks, which do not work properly. The reason may be not setting the timer clock to the correct time. Sometimes a power spike, caused by shorts in the mains supply, can automatically reset the timer clock. To reset the timer, you may turn off the power supply, or just press the reset switch. If the timer clock is not correctly set up, then central heating problems may arise. If the thermostat is not set correctly, then heating problems may arise. It is also worth checking out whether the thermostat is set too low.

Sometimes, you may notice abnormal noises being made when there are central heating problems. The system may be making a loud banging noise, threatening to break down any moment. Tightly fitted pipes to the walls and floor may be the reason for such noises. Slightly bigger holes through which the pipes pass should eliminate this problem. Central heating problems arise out of malfunctioning of pumps, thermostats, timers, boilers, and valves. You should always check the fuse, and see whether it has tripped. If the fuse is functioning, then check the RCD, and then reset it if necessary.

If the boiler is not heating the central heating, but it is heating the hot water, then just tap the pump gently. This might solve central heating problems. Always ensure that the thermostat is installed in the coldest part of the house, which enables the thermostat to work properly. There are many central heating problems and solving them may not be that easy especially if the person is an inexperienced one. Without adequate knowledge of the central heating boiler, it is possible that problems can escalate and damage can occur. If in any doubt as to the safety of your central heating system, get it checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

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