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British Gas Homecare Plans

It takes a lot of effort to buy, install, and maintain a central heating system. You may find some problems arising out of an old installation or faulty components. It is not possible to undertake some of the repairs yourself, so you will need to take some time out every now and then to get someone in to take care of the central heating system problems. All you need is a dependable and result-oriented company who will take care of everything and offer you peace of mind. One such company is British Gas. They offer British Gas Homecare products covering all aspects of your heating system, from boiler installation to maintenance and boiler insurance.

British Gas Homecare provides you with expert professional services in taking care of a malfunctioning boiler, faulty electrics, burst pipes, and blocked drains. The range of products offered by British Gas Homecare is aimed at saving you from any unexpected expenses that may arise due to problems in the boiler or the entire central heating system. They assure you of peace of mind while carrying out energy efficient checks and ensuring proper safety measures. The services of British Gas Homecare include annual maintenance of the boiler. They can also carry out other works, and they can attend to unlimited repair calls.

More than 7,000 Gas Safe registered engineers are employed by British Gas. These professionals are highly qualified with many years of experience behind them. British Gas Homecare offers you a plan where you are guaranteed free replacement parts and labour. The unique way in which these professionals work is commendable. You will be informed when the engineer is on the way to your home so that you do not have to wait any longer than you have to. The most important factor is that British Gas Homecare is available at any time to face any emergency situation.

There are four plans on offer by British Gas Homecare, which are aimed to provide total peace of mind to their clients. The HomeCare 100 has on offer energy efficient annual boiler maintenance with free replacement of parts including labour costs. This covers the boiler and its controls. This plan also covers accidental damage. You also get a free replacement of the boiler if it is less than 7 years old and is irreparable. All costs help you earn Nectar points.

The British Gas HomeCare 200 plan offers repairs on radiators, the central heating boiler, controls, hot water system, and pipe repairs. Other benefits are almost the same as in the British Gas HomeCare 100 plan. If you choose the British Gas Homecare 300 product, you are spared the repair works on plumbing such as taps, toilets, cisterns, and hot and cold water pipes. You also have the benefits that are offered in the other plans. The British Gas HomeCare 400 plan covers about everything starting from boiler cover, controls, radiators, hot and cold water system, plumbing, and repairs of the existing electrical wiring and fittings.

The services offered by British Gas Homecare are unparalleled. With qualified engineers at your service around the clock; you can rest assured of having all emergencies covered. Comparing the insurance costs, British Gas Homecare has more to offer.

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