Glow Worm Boilers

Glow Worm Boilers

Among all reputed manufacturers of home heating systems in the UK, Glow Worm has established itself in the heating industry with authority. Glow Worm boilers can be seen in most of homes, and there are models available to suit everybody’s demand and budget. With over 75 years of experience, Glow Worm has served innumerable homes with total heating solutions. Glow Worm boilers are designed with straight forward features that ensures reliability, durability, and high energy efficiency.

Glow Worm provides highly recommendable services. You just have to log your call and within a short time, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer is at your doorstep to solve your hot water needs. Glow Worm offers various service packages to suit every kind of customer. The fault finding codes service is a unique credential which Glow Worm can boast about. Glow Worm boilers are designed with the most modern technology, and the entire range of heating equipment has found a good market in the UK.

The range of Glow Worm combi boilers speaks of true quality and efficiency. The Ultracom2 CXI is designed to have built-in control options, which are flexible and with enough space inside the cabinet enables repair or replacement of parts without any difficulties due to insufficient clearance. The key features of these Glow Worm boilers include Class 5 rated NOx, single way wiring, choice of analog or digital timer, and very low sound. The simple filling loop design makes this model easy to handle without removing any components.

The storage combi boiler in the Glow Worm boilers range is extraordinary. The Ultracom2 35 Store is a highly efficient energy saving combi boiler that delivers instant, unlimited hot water at the push of a button. These Glow Worm boilers have a regeneration time of five minutes, and the double tank principle that is used in its manufacturing ensures a constant flow of hot water even when the demand is high. This model is attractive because of its compactness. It can be hung on the wall taking up minimum space.

The Flexicom CX is one of the most efficient condensing combi Glow Worm boilers. This model is the first one in the UK with a very high efficiency and a rear direct flue. The plug in timer can be glided down for use, and it is designed to have in-built protection against frost. Glow Worm boilers come with advanced diagnostic information.

The combi boilers range includes the Betacom models, which have been manufactured with the latest quadra-technology, which makes it one of the highest efficient Glow Worm boilers on the market. This model features an analogue timer, which comes fitted, and its LCD display facilitates simple installation. This combi boiler is compatible with LPG cylinders, and it is quite affordable.

Each and every model of Glow Worm boilers can be recommended for use in homes because of their versatility, high efficiency, and most importantly the easy process of installation.

Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann has made its presence felt very strongly with its heating technology and an array of highly efficient heating systems. The quality of Viessmann boilers and their durability has made the company adjudged as the most sustainable brands in the industry. The exclusive services offered by Viessmann include finding an installer, dedicated areas for trained installers, promotions, and exhibitions. Viessmann boilers are designed to be eco-friendly with all the special features needed to make them reliable and dependable ones.

The highest efficient range of heating systems that Viessmann has on display, are the condensing boilers that run on gas. With SEDBUK efficiency and compact design, these Viessmann boilers can be hung on the wall without any extra effort. The Vitodens range of boilers is ideal for homes. These models are built with the latest technology, and are retrofit. There are combination and system boilers, which are designed with an inox radial heat exchanger. These Viessmann boilers are unique in the sense that they have multiple chimneys, which enables installation of up to five boilers at different places of a building all being fed by a single vertical flue gas system.

The Vitodens 200W is the ideal boiler meant for high-rise buildings, having some extra special features, which makes them popular in the UK. These Viessmann boilers are designed for commercial purposes, and they are able to work efficiently irrespective of the quality of the gas. They make boilers that can run on both gas and medium oil. The Vitocrossal range of Viessmann boilers has a high efficiency, and a burner of Matrix-radiant standard. They can run on low temperature oil, and they are compact in design.

It is no surprise that the most sustainable brand of boilers is associated with such an innovative manufacturer. High performance technology is incorporated into every Viessmann boilers. The combination of using biomass fuel technology and heating technology has made these boilers unique in all respects. Boilers that run on pellets are designed to save you on the costs associated with other expensive fuels. These Viessmann boilers are easy to handle. They are totally safe, powerful, and highly efficient. These boilers are designed to have double safety measures with a sensor incorporated in the boiler for flue gas temperature and are fitted with a Lambda probe. Other features of the biomass boilers include the facility for raising the internal return temperature and lower power consumption.

The entire range of Viessmann boilers also includes the boilers with a high capacity to ensure the constant flow of hot water in huge quantities. Viessmann has every solution for heating systems run on recycled energy resources. They can be recommended for use in homes because of their versatility, high efficiency, and most importantly the easy process of installation. Each one of them is built to offer reliability, efficiency, quality, and high energy efficient performance. The company always aims to produce the number one product in the heating industry. With Viessmann boilers installed in your home, you can get extra benefits of boiler insurance.

Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Boilers

Designed with the latest quad-processor technology and energey efficiency in mind, Vaillant boilers have become a household name in the UK. Vaillant is a leading boiler manufacturer and installer with an astonishing clientele. Vaillant has set the highest standards in manufacturing all types of heating equipment to create products that have revolutionized the industry. Vaillant is aimed towards satisfying their customers by providing healthy, energy saving, and highly efficient products and services as part of solution to heating problems.

Vaillant has every heating system solution available with a choice of options to run on any type of energy resource. Vaillant boilers are designed to be compatible to LPG, natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy. Vaillant offers excellent after sales service with a team of highly qualified Gas Safe registered professionals available to deal with any aspect of home heating. Their intelligent service is a unique feature, which segregates them from all other providers. With this service, you can control your central heating system across the internet. Now, you can remotely control Vaillant boilers easily and efficiently.

Vaillant boilers are available in many different models, picking one according to your needs. Each one of them is built to offer reliability, efficiency, quality, and high energy efficient performance. These factors combine to make their product number one in the heating industry. The range of Vaillant ecoTEC boilers are designed with SEDBUK technology to be guaranteed to give 90% efficient performance. In the process, this level of efficiency will save a good amount on fuel bills. The ecoTEC range of Vaillant boilers includes system boilers and combi boilers (combination boilers). Exclusive combination boilers are designed to have a low-energy pump with a high-efficiency performance. The state of the art technology has made this Vaillant boiler a versatile one by providing a full range of control along with easy installation methods. The clear and easy to use backlit text display makes the Vaillant combi boilers unique in all respects.

The ecoTEC PRO 28 combination boiler has made a prominent mark in the heating industry with all its extraordinary features. Having SEDBUK fuel efficiency, it is economical to run, and it is a versatile boiler. It is compact and can be easily installed. The low NOx burner and fan makes this model highly energy efficient and eco-friendly. Among all Vaillant boilers, the ecoTEC PRO 28 has a built-in display showing its diagnostic information. Programming is simply operated using a push button, and the unit is protected from frost by a two-stage frost protection process.

The Vaillant boilers include the ecoTEC plus system boilers. These are unparallel in their versatility and flexibility in where they can be installed. This model is the most compact of all boilers manufactured by Vaillant. It has all the features that make it a unique boiler, which stands out in the market. The push button control and flexibility has made these plus system Vaillant boilers favorites among house owners.

Among other Vaillant boilers, there are open vent ones and the ecoTEC plus storage combination. Both models have earned good reviews, and are the highest efficient boilers made by Vaillant. If you want peace of mind, opt for Vaillant boilers, and enjoy the advantages they offer.

British Gas HomeCare

British Gas Homecare Plans

It takes a lot of effort to buy, install, and maintain a central heating system. You may find some problems arising out of an old installation or faulty components. It is not possible to undertake some of the repairs yourself, so you will need to take some time out every now and then to get someone in to take care of the central heating system problems. All you need is a dependable and result-oriented company who will take care of everything and offer you peace of mind. One such company is British Gas. They offer British Gas Homecare products covering all aspects of your heating system, from boiler installation to maintenance and boiler insurance.

British Gas Homecare provides you with expert professional services in taking care of a malfunctioning boiler, faulty electrics, burst pipes, and blocked drains. The range of products offered by British Gas Homecare is aimed at saving you from any unexpected expenses that may arise due to problems in the boiler or the entire central heating system. They assure you of peace of mind while carrying out energy efficient checks and ensuring proper safety measures. The services of British Gas Homecare include annual maintenance of the boiler. They can also carry out other works, and they can attend to unlimited repair calls.

More than 7,000 Gas Safe registered engineers are employed by British Gas. These professionals are highly qualified with many years of experience behind them. British Gas Homecare offers you a plan where you are guaranteed free replacement parts and labour. The unique way in which these professionals work is commendable. You will be informed when the engineer is on the way to your home so that you do not have to wait any longer than you have to. The most important factor is that British Gas Homecare is available at any time to face any emergency situation.

There are four plans on offer by British Gas Homecare, which are aimed to provide total peace of mind to their clients. The HomeCare 100 has on offer energy efficient annual boiler maintenance with free replacement of parts including labour costs. This covers the boiler and its controls. This plan also covers accidental damage. You also get a free replacement of the boiler if it is less than 7 years old and is irreparable. All costs help you earn Nectar points.

The British Gas HomeCare 200 plan offers repairs on radiators, the central heating boiler, controls, hot water system, and pipe repairs. Other benefits are almost the same as in the British Gas HomeCare 100 plan. If you choose the British Gas Homecare 300 product, you are spared the repair works on plumbing such as taps, toilets, cisterns, and hot and cold water pipes. You also have the benefits that are offered in the other plans. The British Gas HomeCare 400 plan covers about everything starting from boiler cover, controls, radiators, hot and cold water system, plumbing, and repairs of the existing electrical wiring and fittings.

The services offered by British Gas Homecare are unparalleled. With qualified engineers at your service around the clock; you can rest assured of having all emergencies covered. Comparing the insurance costs, British Gas Homecare has more to offer.

Boiler Installation

Ensure Proper Boiler Installation

In spite of a good purchase of a boiler, if the installation is not done properly, then you might face serious problems in the long run. Although modern boilers are easy to install, you must not risk having it installed by a non-competent person as this is illegal and risks you and your family’s safety. It is only Gas Safe registered professionals who are legally allowed to undertake boiler installation.

The main factor of a boiler installation in your home is to decide on the most suitable model of the boiler. Your choice should be perfectly suited to the infrastructure of your home. If you choose a model that is specifically designed for a small flat when you are have a semi-detached house, then you will have problems after the boiler installation due to the thermostat. You may require the thermostat to switch on frequently to ensure continuous supply of hot water. Some dealers will install the thermostat free of charge. Installation companies will advise you on choosing the perfect model of boiler and associated equipment that will be best suited for your home. Moreover, reputable suppliers will have an expert team of Gas Safe registered technicians who will carry out the boiler installation with ease and leave no scope for any future problems arising out of improper installation.

After having chosen the perfect model of boiler, your aim should be to find out a dependable installer. You can choose from hundreds of boiler installation companies and individuals who are registered to carry out this work. While selecting any installer, it is necessary to verify the qualifications and experience of them. You can ask for references, which is a unique way to judge the ability of the installer. You have also the option to go through online reviews, which is a great source of information to help you in your decision. Boilers made with the latest technological aids, like the combi boilers, are easy to install. The easiest boiler to install should be the perfect one for your installation requirements. Any flaws found while working on boiler installation will have an adverse effect on the entire central heating system. Check out the guarantee provided by the installer and the terms of their after sales service. The most important thing to check is whether they will employ Gas Safe registered engineers for the boiler installation.

The final stage for the installation will be to clear any clutter in the space meant for the boiler installation. When the installation of the boiler takes the place of a non-functional one, ensure that there is enough space for dismantling and reinstalling the new boiler. Keep your family members out of the way until the radiators are installed or replaced. Renowned companies, like British Gas, Vaillant and Glow Worm, all have the necessary credentials for boiler installation. They will provide you with step by step assistance in making your installation process absolutely hassle-free. They will guarantee the fixing of any problem that may arise. You have the advantage of around the clock services from these renowned companies.

Take time to follow the guidelines for your boiler installation because any hasty decision may lead to problems in the central heating system.

Boiler Repair

Be Safe in Choosing the Right Boiler Repair Company

Once you install your boiler in the central heating system of your home, you are faced with the imminent possibilities of a boiler repair and regular maintenance. A host of companies offer you services to repair the boiler, both on an emergency basis and general routine maintenance. You have a choice in calling the most efficient company, which has the expertise of handling any boiler repairs. This situation arises when you do not have any boiler breakdown cover.

Irrespective of whether the boiler repair required is for an emergency purpose or a routine one, you will get the services of reputable insurance companies, such as HomeServe, to attend to your call at any time, day or night. Their services include boiler servicing, fixing hot water issues, heating, and the repairing of gas connections to the boiler. You can safely rely on these companies for a boiler repair as you are guaranteed of no hidden costs. The quotation for such repairs includes the cost of the parts, VAT, and labour. What is more important is that they guarantee all the repair works for a period of 12 months.

You have the option to call any Gas Safe service provider for central heating boiler repair at a convenient time and day of the week to suit your availability. If you feel you need to call someone in an emergency, for example a water or gas leak, then you can bank upon British Gas. You need not be a customer to call on their emergency services. You will not find any difference in their approach whether you have boiler breakdown cover or not. The fixed price quotes include the costs of labour and parts, a safety and diagnostic check, and one year guarantee on the repairs.

Opting for an annual service for boiler repair will in the long run save you from any unprecedented expenses for repairing the boiler. An annual check is a useful safety check as well. Service technicians offered by npower’s Hometeam have expertise in attending to your emergency calls. They can fix the problem right away with no additional cost over what you were initially quoted. You get the services of Gas Safe registered engineers who will make the appliance safe before attending to the boiler repair.There are 30 important areas of a boiler, which are to be checked to ensure the smooth function of the boiler. With esteemed companies like npower, you can be assured of the most sincere services regarding your boiler and accessories.

Service providers will attend to urgent repairs of your boiler as well as offer you the best possible deals in boiler repair. Some offer guarantees, like continuous supplies of hot water, quick call out, or free call outs. Expert servicing is also provided by top companies. Boiler repair services includes the replacement of boilers when they are past economical repair, upgrades of the existing system, and power flushing the heating system to increase the performance of the radiators.

To find the most competent maintenance company who will be always by your side for boiler repair, you can check out the company online. With your boiler protected for unexpected repairs, you will ensure your system is safe, efficient, and reliable.

Boiler Insurance

You Have a Wide Choice for Boiler Insurance

Once you have installed your boiler, and you are enjoying a hassle-free heating system in your home, there is no scope in being complacent. Maintenance is the most important part of keeping the boiler functioning in an effective and efficient way. You may be faced with the system suddenly breaking down and becoming inoperative. A time may come when an important component of the boiler needs immediate replacement. These are the situations when you can be prepared for, if you have boiler insurance.

A host of insurance companies have come forward with boiler cover, with each one offering attractive terms and rates. British Gas has on offer various plans for boiler insurance, which include plans for the boiler and its controls, boiler and controls together with hot water and radiators. Other plans offer you coverage on the pipes also. With British Gas, as your boiler insurance provider, you have the option to call them at any hour for any minor or major repairs. Your repair work will be attended to by Gas Safe registered engineers who will call you while they are on the way to your home. You also have the option of boiler insurance for annual service of the boiler.

Unique offers for boiler insurance are offered by HomeServe for any unprecedented repair works on the boiler and its accessories, which are urgent in nature. The insurance plans include breakdown of the gas boiler and the central heating system, and the annual maintenance of the boiler. The insurance premium for such boiler repairs is very competitive, and the service you get is worth much more than its premium.

Another provider is npower. They are a leading boiler insurance provider in the UK for coverage of the boiler and its components. Comparing the benefits and the prices, you will find a difference between npower and others. You will be amazed at comparing the prices of the coverage, which is limited to two claims in a year. They have gone up to extending the benefit to unlimited costs involved in the repairs. This boiler insurance provider even agrees to compensate £200 towards a new boiler if the existing one goes beyond economic repair.

Among the top boiler insurance providers, Domestic General ranks among the leading insurance agents. You have on offer expert services for any breakdown of your boiler and central heating system, but the service is limited for a period of six months.

If you have to decide on which boiler insurance provider you want to opt for, just compare their premium amount and the range of cover they are offering. With scores of insurance companies coming into the frame offering services for breakdown of boilers and the heating system, you have the option of selecting the worthiest of all by comparing the rates with the coverage they are offering. Some insurance companies have gone to the extent in offering compensation for each hour of late arrival for repairs on the boiler and heating system.

You have a wide option to go for a boiler insurance company after studying, which plan suits you the best.

Central Heating Problems

Solve Your Central Heating Problems

Now that you have installed your central heating system and enjoying your bath, you must be satisfied with the performance of the highly efficient boiler. But you may any time face unprecedented central heating problems. This may include boiler repairs and replacement of components, or even lead to a new installation of a combination boiler that are the most common in UK homes.

The most common central heating problems arise when the radiator is not hot. There are various reasons for the radiator not being hot. One of the reasons is the pilot light being unlit. This is visible through a glass window of the boiler. If this is the case, you can check out the instructions provided on the boiler for rekindling the pilot light. Other central heating problems include a problem in a single radiator, which can be rectified by bleeding the radiator to remove an air trap. The boiler may stop making the usual noise when working, and if this is so, then check the electric supply. Central heating problems can be noticeable when the upstairs radiators are hot but not the downstairs ones. Malfunctioning of the pump may be the reason for it. You may adjust the zone control, if you have one. Sometimes you may find one radiator heating up extensively while the other is kept off. Clogging in the pipes may be the cause. These problems are instantly solved, if you have the boiler breakdown cover.

The most common central heating problems are caused by the timer clocks, which do not work properly. The reason may be not setting the timer clock to the correct time. Sometimes a power spike, caused by shorts in the mains supply, can automatically reset the timer clock. To reset the timer, you may turn off the power supply, or just press the reset switch. If the timer clock is not correctly set up, then central heating problems may arise. If the thermostat is not set correctly, then heating problems may arise. It is also worth checking out whether the thermostat is set too low.

Sometimes, you may notice abnormal noises being made when there are central heating problems. The system may be making a loud banging noise, threatening to break down any moment. Tightly fitted pipes to the walls and floor may be the reason for such noises. Slightly bigger holes through which the pipes pass should eliminate this problem. Central heating problems arise out of malfunctioning of pumps, thermostats, timers, boilers, and valves. You should always check the fuse, and see whether it has tripped. If the fuse is functioning, then check the RCD, and then reset it if necessary.

If the boiler is not heating the central heating, but it is heating the hot water, then just tap the pump gently. This might solve central heating problems. Always ensure that the thermostat is installed in the coldest part of the house, which enables the thermostat to work properly. There are many central heating problems and solving them may not be that easy especially if the person is an inexperienced one. Without adequate knowledge of the central heating boiler, it is possible that problems can escalate and damage can occur. If in any doubt as to the safety of your central heating system, get it checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

Central Heating Boilers

Consider Your Options When Looking for a Central Heating Boiler

Choosing and buying the right kind of central heating boiler needs a little research. There are many different products available for installation in your home. They come in various makes, shapes, and sizes depending on your heating and hot water requirements. You can get gas boilers, electric boilers, and oil-fueled boilers, which one you choose will depend on the location of your house. Customers tend to choose a central heating boiler with respect to its efficiency, price, size, and the space required for storage, etc.

Let us take a look at the different types of central heating boilers, and their pros and cons. The most popular boiler used in UK homes is a combination boiler, also known as a combi boiler. It provides both heating and hot water around the house, which are supplied from the same boiler. This is often seen as a compact boiler as it saves space because you do not need a separate cylinder for hot water. It supplies hot water throughout the house, so you do not need to use an emersion heater. As it does not require a separate water tank on the roof of the house, it is less hassle to install, and of course there is less piping required to be installed around the house.

Condensing central heating boilers may be run on gas or oil. They are so named because during the heating process of the water, the water vapor that is produced is condensed into water and drained out through a separate drainage pipe from the boiler. These boilers are highly efficient water heaters.

Open-vented and unvented central heating boilers are also available on the market. A separate space is required in your home, like a closed kitchen or airing cupboard, to store the water cylinder for an unvented one. The disadvantage of this kind of central heating boiler is that it takes time for the water to boil and heat up, so you will need to wait until it is warm enough. The water can be finished quickly, if it is not used economically. For an open-vented or conventional boiler, you need space for a header and storage tank, therefore requiring lots of space for installation. Two tanks are needed because one stores water from the main supply, which in turn supplies water to the cylinder. When this cylinder is heated, hot water is supplied throughout the house. The second water tank keeps the right level of water in the central heating system. This kind of a central heating boiler is a bit cheaper than the others.

If you already have a back boiler, and it is time for a replacement, then there are better options than replacing it with another back boiler. A back boiler needs a lot of space for the cylinder, tanks, and the boiler.

Once a new product is installed, it is always a good idea to get central heating boiler insurance even if it is brand new for it could go wrong at any time. As the boiler burns fuel, it is best to get boiler maintenance carried out annually to make sure that everything is running properly, and ensure that it is not producing harmful gases that could threaten your life.

Some of the central heating boiler manufacturers in the UK are well-known, namely Worcester, Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant, etc. All of these manufacturers produce quality products. Their boilers are efficient, long lasting, and have great performance. Baxi products are more reasonably priced compared to the other two.

The total expense of getting a central heating boiler, including installation, will depend upon what type of a central heating boiler you buy with respect to your home requirements, the space required for it, the installation charge, boiler insurance, boiler after care costs, its maintenance cost, and so on. Whatever central heating boiler system is chosen, you should research it to understand what exactly you are looking for.

Check with your electric or gas supplier to see what offers they have on providing care and cover for your central heating boiler. Having boiler cover will give you peace of mind knowing that if you do encounter any central heating problems down the line, you will be covered at no extra cost. You may also have cover as part of your home insurance, so make sure you do not purchase additional cover that is unnecessary. Also check your cover to see if you have a free annual service check.